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To all business in Colchester,

Register by the end of February and be one of our exclusive launch partners. In exchange for this you can use our service for FREE. If you are interersted please go to and click on the "To register your business click here" button or send us your details to We will then get in touch with you. If you like us to help you to create your first town voucher let us know.

Thanks a lot.

Best regards

> Start the new year with our great advertising opportunity and grow your
> business sucess.
> We will start TOWNVOUCHER.COM in COLCHESTER soon.
> Register today to receive our free information folder.
> Your benefits are:
> - Get more customers in your shop
> - Make your business known in your town and region
> - Flexible pricing model
> - Marketing statistics
> - FREE 30-day trial. NO annual memberships.
> - Organised promotions and events
> - and lots more
> For more information goto
> Best regards
> Sascha Cutura

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